ELMA – Sustainable music industry platform

ELMA is a digital planning, education, and information platform for the live music industry in Finland. During the first developmental stage of the platform, the core themes and subject matters are:

  • TRAINING – A digital information and education bundle on music industry’s sustainability
  • ROADMAP – A roadmap tool to assist with building and monitoring a responsibility program, and reporting on it
  • FORUM – A discussion forum to enable networking, interaction, and information dissemination

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have been used as a framework, and the goals cover all areas of sustainable development: ecological, social and economic sustainability.

ELMA’s freely available information and educational materials provide descriptions of and guidance on what adapting the SDGs mean across the live music industry, and how to advance the fulfillment of these goals in individuals’ professional and personal lives. The platform was launched in September 2022. During the first stage, all contents have been published in Finnish, followed by translation in English during consecutive stages.

ELMA is managed by Jazz Finland, with the other KEMUT network members participating in this project as collaborators. The Ministry for Education and Culture has granted the project financial support from the funding pool earmarked for reshaping the cultural and creative sectors.

Background – Sustainable music industry network KEMUT

In 2020, some of Finland’s key live music operators joined forces to work towards a more sustainable music industry and founded a network called KEMUT (Kestävämmän musiikkialan työkalupakki). Their common goal has been to produce a sustainable music industry toolkit, which primarily serves the live music scene, as well as to employ a range of communication and education strategies to encourage music producers and consumers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

The KEMUT network partners are Finland Festivals, LiveFIN, Music Finland, Finnish Musicians’ Union, Jazz Finland, and the Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras.

This collaboration has led to many different sub-projects. During 2022, the combined KEMUT network projects strive to create a digital platform for the industry, as well as to measure the Finnish live music industry’s carbon footprint.


  • Project Manager Anu Ahola / anu.ahola@jazzfinland.fi / +358 50 569 0505
  • Producer Peppi Arrimo / peppi.arrimo@jazzfinland.fi / +358 400 366 967
  • Senior Advisor Elina Levula / elina.levula@positiveimpact.fi / +358 44024 0390
  • Jazz Finland’s Executive Director Maria Silvennoinen / maria.silvennoinen@jazzfinland.fi / +358 50 536 7491