Elma partners

Elma's partners are Tiketti and Positive Impact Finland.


Tiketti is a Finnish ticketing pioneer and an expert in event marketing, whose creativity, expertise, and tools serve thousands of events throughout Finland every year. Tiketti employs over 50 event industry professionals.

Tiketti's operations are guided by a love for great events. The goal is to be the Event Organiser’s best friend, doing their utmost every day to ensure that people craving experiences find their way to events. Tiketti's customers include, among others, festivals, sport teams, music clubs, theatres, fairs, concert halls, cities, and organisations.

The most crucial value for Tiketti is caring. Tiketti genuinely cares about events, customers, and corporate responsibility. Customers particularly commend Tiketti for its fast, personalised, and friendly service. Nearly 80% of general customers recommend Tiketti to their friends, and 95% of event organizer customers do so.

Since 2019, Tiketti has been a WWF Green Office. Environmental concern is evident in Tiketti's daily life, and this effort is promoted by the Green Office team within Tiketti. Tiketti also collaborates with the Nature Heritage Foundation, the John Nurminen Foundation, and the digital mail service Kivra.

Furthermore, Tiketti has an equality team, whose task is to ensure equality and gender balance in all its activities. In May 2023, Tiketti was certified with the Great Place To Work certificate. According to an employee survey, 100% of employees say Tiketti is an excellent workplace. Tiketti believes that a positive atmosphere internally will also be reflected externally.

For Tiketti employees, responsibility is not a campaign but a permanent state of being. Part of Tiketti's responsibility work also involves continuous development, learning, and critical self-examination. Tiketti also aims to influence its surroundings by sharing learnings and information.

Tiketti has been awarded altogether 11 times as the ticket seller of the year at Music x Media Industry Gala, which is a matter of pride for Tiketti. Tiketti's mission is to continue to be the most awarded and genuinely caring partner in the event industry.

Positive Impact Finland

Positive Impact is a full-service sustainability agency dedicated to the well-being of the planet and all its species.

KEMUT network

In 2020, prominent Finnish live music organisations set out to build a more sustainable music industry together. The resulting KEMUT (Toolkit for a more sustainable live music industry) network aims to provide concrete sustainability tools for the music industry and to encourage the live music community to become more climate-friendly.

Within the framework of the KEMUT network projects, digital tools are being developed, common indicators and targets for the sector are being defined, and suitable calculators are being designed for tracking and reducing carbon emissions. Music industry actors will be encouraged to produce and consume music experiences in a more sustainable and climate-friendly way, also through communication and education.

In January 2021, the network released a report on eco-sustainability practices in the live music sector on its website, followed by a collaboration with industry stakeholders to create a plan for calculating the carbon footprint of live music in autumn 2021.

In 2022, the network's projects included constructing Elma, a digital planning, education and information sharing platform for the live music sector, as well as measuring the carbon footprint of the Finnish live music sector.

Finland’s Live Music Climate Roadmap and the study on the sector’s climate impact were published in June 2023.

The KEMUT network engages the live music community in sustainability efforts. The network's steering group includes the following members:

The work of the network is coordinated and managed by coordinator Anu Ahola and research manager Merja Hottinen.


The funding for building the digital platform, Elma.live, has been provided by the European Union, the MES Music Promotion Foundation, the Foundation for the Promotion of Performing Arts, and the KEMUT network members. Elma's partners in 2023–2024 are Positive Impact Finland and Tiketti.

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